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AV-Sun & AV-Sun Reader Sunglasses

Stop changing glasses! The AV-Sun's aviation sunglasses from Airplane Things, Inc. are designed just for pilots. The gradient tint fades to clear on the botton of the lenses giving the pilot the best vision outside the plane and a bright, sharp view of maps and instruments inside the plane in low light conditions. The AV-SUN's are not polarized. Polarized sunglasses should not be worn by pilots because they block out glare and glare is the first thing you see to avoid a mid air. Plus since the AV-SUN's are non polarized you can view all glass panels, GPS's, moving maps and all modern instrumentation. The AV-Sun's have 100% UV protection.

The AV-SUN Readers are the same but with bifocals for pilots who need reading glasses. 

The AV-Sun's truly do make flying easier and safer.

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AV-Sun Readers Feature Bifocal Magnification
AV-Sun Reader sunglasses are designed for pilots who use reading glasses to see the small print on aviation maps. The bifocal is cut low in the lens to provide a non-obstructed view outside the aircraft. The bifocal magnification makes small print on maps easy to read.

The gray tint was developed by BPI for the U.S. fighter pilots who must make life and death decisions in a split second. This gray tint will not change the color of what you see. The lenses are impact and scratch resistant, exceeding all government ANSI standards. The bifocals are formed into the lens, and are not stick-on. These glasses are also not polarized.

High-Quality Construction
The lenses of the AV-Suns and AV-Sun Readers are made from CR39 ophthalmic resin, a prescription quality lens material. The lenses offer 100% UV protection and provide the same clarity as glass lenses with more comfort without the weight.

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AV-Sun sunglasses are available in the new titanium frames for $99.95 with bifocals (AV-Sun Readers) and $89.95 without. The titanium frames are lightweight, durable, flexible, and nearly indestructible with proper care.

The earpieces flex against your temple for a quieter, more comfortable fit while wearing a headset. AV-Suns are also available in the traditional gold frames with spring hinges for $79.95 with bifocals (AV-Sun Readers) and $69.95 without. Each purchase comes with a large clip case.

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